My views on Religion - Day 19/30

This post is about my views on Religion.

I am not a religious person in the slightest. I'm a person that needs to see proof to believe in something. I don't understand how people can believe in some kind of Supreme being who created everything. God has never been proven to exist, therefore I can't believe him.

Believing in a "God" has throughout history caused millions of deaths. Millions of people have died because of what I can only explain to myself as a spirit and certain people's beliefs in that spirit. How can this "God" be all loving?
The Bible for all intents and purposes is a book containing short stories, and again it astounds me that people have taken these stories and used them/religion to start wars, used it to convince themselves that everything will be better when something in their life goes wrong. People turn to "God" in their time of need, they may go to church, a vicar will tell them that "God" has a plan for them and that everything will be fine. They will then go away believing that this is true.

I don't think I could write much else on this as I simply don't believe in "God"and my brain cannot process what other people's thought process are behind believing in something that isn't or hasn't ever been a physical thing.

I would like to make clear that I don't think people believing in a God or having faith in a master plan etc is wrong, as it is everyone's right to believe whatever they want. These are my views and opinions only, some people may share them and others won't. If you believe in god and are part of any religion and this helps you in any way in your lives then good on you. 

Thanks for reading