A letter to my future self - Day 23/30

Hi Rich,

I'm sending this letter to you in the future, you should be 60 now! You old twat.

The kids will (hopefully) have moved out now as they will be 35 and 30 years old. Hopefully, they will be happily married, well apart from Alice who should be getting on fine in the nunnery.

Please tell me there's hover cars and robot butlers in the future?! If the rock hasn't tweeted you yet were going to have to seriously think about unliking his social media pages, that'll show him. (Edit: please see previous post if this doesn't make sense)

How's the Mrs 30 years on? I hope she hasn't let herself go! I hope you haven't either, I worked hard to lose that stone this year.

Anyhow enjoy your next 30 years at work, I'm guessing the government has screwed us over with the retirement age again! 

Shit! I just had a terrible thought! That idiot Donald Trump is president now, please don't tell me David Beckham is our prime minister?? 



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