A day in the life of a dad

Blogging Challenge day 18 is to bullet point my whole day. You've stuck with me for 17 days and now you're about to read about my boring ass day. Don't leave though, my other posts will be better. Hopefully.

That's my family, Joseph, Kerry and Alice. That isn't me in the middle, I'm taking the photo.

Here goes, my bullet pointed list for the day

  • Sleep poorly throughout the night. We have an Alice.
  • Wake up because Alice is shouting Hiya. FML.
  • Go to toilet for a pee. Upon return, Joseph and Alice are in my bed next to Kerry. No room for me.
  • Take Alice downstairs. Watch the first of 11,300 episodes of Peppa Pig. 
  • Joseph and Kerry get up. Alice is walking around feeling smug because she can do it. 
  • Kids have breakfast. Alice eats hers off the floor because eating it on a plate in her high chair isn't as nice. FFS.
  • We get ready. Joseph is at swimming lessons. It's pissing it down outside. Good job we have a car. 
  • Get to swimming lessons, off Joseph goes.
  • Swimming finished, his instructor says Joseph had a meltdown because he had to sit on the side for a few seconds. He "wanted to swim". 2 months ago he "never wanted to go swimming again".
  • Kerry is making gingerbread reindeers and fudge, me and Joseph go and get some ingredients. Asda is packed, it isn't "my" Asda so I can't find anything! Bollocks.
  • Get home, feed hurricane Alice in between her trying to climb over the couch. Should have put her in her high chair.
  • I can smell gingerbread in the oven, it smells like Christmas. Makes a change from smelling like baby shit.
  • Kerry and the kids go to her mums as her brother and family are visiting.
  • I catch up on some blog post writing.
  • Make a cup of coffee, forget about it because of said blog post writing. Now it's cold. Bollocks.
  • Write four new posts for next week. Clean Kitchen.
  • Go to make myself a coffee. Make a cup of tea instead. FFS!
  • Family come home.
  • Tea time. It goes without incident. Phew.
  • After the standard meltdown from both kids, it's bedtime.
  • Wife gets a bath. I write another blog post.
  • My turn for a bath and to catch up on a book I haven't read for a while.
  • Beer o'clock
  • Bed time. Woop Woop

There you have, my thoroughly enthralling day. Thanks for reading my posts!


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