Day 16 of 30 - Do you have a smartphone?

OMG! Of course I have a smartphone. It's like an extra part of me!

Most people nowadays have a smartphone. I use mine to blog with, share my blog, text friends and family, take photos of my family that I can cherish. Most people you see have their head stuck in their phones. Even when there walking across the road. You can check out my post on how I nearly killed someone because they were doing this here
One thing that does annoy me though is when people go out for a family meal and you look over at them and there all sat staring at their phones instead of enjoying each others company.

Over the summer I had a week off work and we went out for days out to the seaside etc and I didn't take my phone. Did I miss it?


It was a nice feeling not to have that urge to check it every 3 seconds, I could just enjoy the time i had with my family. 

It seems that phones are becoming more and more an essential part of life. Lot's of people use them and rely on them for work. They of course, are great for letting loved ones know you are safe, to keep them from worrying.

Do you love your mobile phone? Are you one of the few people who doesn't have a mobile phone? How do you find it?

Thanks for reading