Blogging challenge day 12 of 30

So it's day 12 of 30 in my blogging challenge. It's been great fun so far but also tiring thinking of things to write each day and I've still got 18 days to go!

Today's post is about somewhere you would like to visit or move to. I've been to Orlando in Florida three times now so I would have to say that I would love to move there. Many people would probably choose somewhere they haven't been to move to if they were writing this post

Florida is on the southeast coast of America and is around 8 hours away from here in England. When you get there you can instantly feel the heat and humidity. It's brilliant. There seems to be a calmness about Florida when you step off the plane that instantly makes you feel happy. 

Each time we have been we have hired a car. The roads in America are massive but seem easier to navigate as most of them are just straight roads. you don't tend to need to navigate roundabouts or anything like that. I will admit even though I don't drive over there it was a bit scary the first time we went on a 6 lane highway and especially the way that Americans seem to drive. There's a lot of weaving in and out of each other and cutting people up. You really need to have your wits about you.

We have always stayed in a villa. Each one we have stayed has been massive, they have their own pools and the garage has always had a dart board and pool table in which is great for when you just want to chill out. In some there are to living areas, this means you don't need to be cramped in one room if yo go with a lot of people. No matter where about's the villa has been located we have hardly ever seen anybody else, it has been so quiet which is also a plus. Not like staying in a hotel where you would hear kids screaming all the time or constantly having people stomping in the rooms above you etc. We will always choose a villa when we go back to Florida.

There are many beaches are in Florida and they all seem to be fantastic. White sand, clear blue sea and bright sunshine. Great for a relaxing day out. You generally have to travel for a few hours to get to the best beaches unless you are already staying on the coast, but it is worth it.

Then of course, I have saved the best reason for wanting to move the until last.

Disney World!

The most magical place on earth they say. Before I met my wife it would have been somewhere that I would never have thought to go to and probably never would have been bothered if we hadn't met. But I'm glad we did meet, we fell in love, got married and have 2 amazing children. My wife loves Disney and has been six times, she introduced me to Disney World and I'm not ashamed to say that i caught the bug as well. 

The sheer size of the place is unbelievable. Every detail seems to have been covered by Disney and you can't help but have a good time, even if you don't go on any rides. Universal Studios is also in Orlando and is also a park that I love. I love roller coasters and across all the parks there are some really great ones.

I would only ever be able to move to Florida if I won the lottery, at which point we would be able to go to Disney World whenever we wanted. My wife would love to move there also and I know the kids would love it.

If you want to read more of the posts I have written on Disney World then please click on the Disney tab at the top of the page.

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  1. I've lived all over the US and I love Orlando the best! Sure, it has it's faults like anywhere, but it's not just anywhere that pretty much anywhere you go you are seeing people having the best day of their lives. I live 5 min from Disney Springs, we go several evenings a week. I've lived in cities with little downtowns that are active on weekends, but now I can go to MY town square anytime on any day and listen to live music, eat great food and meet interesting people!

    1. That sounds amazing! We dont really have anything like that in England where i live. Plus the weather is not as nice. I've been to Orlando 3 times and love it!


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