A letter to my teenage self

Hi Rich,

It's you from the future. Don't worry you are still as handsome in the future as you are now. Maybe even more so.

This is spooky I know! The years 2016 and you're 30 years old, I've sent this letter back in time to you (we can do that now) to when your only 16 years old.

I don't want to spoil what's in store for you, but just know that you've made all the right decisions. Your wife is well fit!

When you're 30 believe me or not you will have watched 2083 episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, 1.8 million episodes of Peppa Pig, 3001 episodes of Ben and Hollys little kingdom and 1 episode of I'm a celebrity get me out here (really sorry about that but the sky remote broke and you couldn't be arsed to get up and change it on the sky box). Oh by the way, you get Sky!

Living the dream man, living the dream.

As I said I don't want to spoil the future to much but I'll give you some highlights in case you want to put a sneaky bet on, when you're 18 of course.

A guy becomes president after taking up politics up as a hobby. He beats a famous politician

Hull City football club do get into the premier league! Woop woop!

Yes I did say woop woop.

You get to meet The Rock!!

Haha just joking, you write a blog post on him as a celebrity you'd like to spend 15 minutes with, you then tweet him and he ignores you! A bit rude but there's no need to go all "Stan" from that Eminem album your listening to.

Anyways must dash, the robot butlers are just about to wash the hover car (that's right your super loaded in the future)

Be safe


P.S don't drink that extra vodka on that night out (you'll know when I mean) cause you'll get your arse kicked.
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