30 Day blogging challenge - Day 9

Thanks for coming back and reading today's post. It is all about something I crave for alot!

Orreeooos! Lol

As I'm not a pregnant lady I don't really crave for anything. I'm mostly like a lot of people, I crave what I can't have. Chocolate, when I'm on a diet is the worst, a sunny day when I'm not at work. To be able to have a number 2 in peace without Alice shouting "Hiya" every 2 and a half seconds.

We have a comedian in this country called Mickey Flanagan, who is very funny. In one of his stand-up shows he mentions his ability to do "proper fuck all". He gives the example of when he runs a bath, he'll sit on the edge of the bath just staring at the ceiling. Doing "proper fuck all".

I think all men not just me, and also any women who have kids crave this the most. Those few seconds of complete peace before world war 3 kicks off because someone's licking a window and the other one wants a turn. FML.

What do you crave for the most? Let me know in the comments box. I love to hear from anyone who is nice enough to spend their day reading my blog posts.

I'm writing this post and missing out on doing some quality "proper fuck all". So thanks for reading

Speak tomorrow