30 day blogging challenge - Day 7

Welcome to day 7 of my 30 day blogging challenge. Today's topic is Plans/Dreams/Goals.

Everyone has these, does everyone follow them through? Probably not.

At work, I have to plan constantly, having a good plan but being flexible enough to change that plan when needed has enabled my store to do really well and I want to take that learning into my personal life

We bought our own house this year but had to rake a small loan out to help with the deposit. I plan on paying back our loan in the next two years. This will allow us in 4 years time to have a great holiday to Disney World in Florida. It will also be hurricane Alices first trip there.

I plan on not being a fat twat every time I see a pack of Oreos. This is also a dream and a goal really.
I dream of all the normal things most people probably dream about, winning the lottery, having a nice car, a big house, holidays every year, almond flavour Oreos, a 34 inch waist again, being able to judo chop a fly in double quick time. 

You know, normal stuff.

If there isn't already such a thing as almond flavoured Oreos, then your welcome Oreo makers, no need to send a cheque, just a lifetime supply of Oreos will do. Did I say 34-inch waist? I meant 340-inch waist. Realistic goals Rich, realistic goals.

A few goals of mines would be and in all seriousness to lose 2 stone and be able to stay at a steady 15 stone. Also being able to get recognised for my blog or a specific post in some way would be really amazing.

My main dream would be to provide as much as I can for my family so that they can enjoy their life. I'm not going to change the world in any way, unless almond flavour Oreos do get made.

One of my favourite quotes is "live for nothing, die for something". That something for me, will be seeing my family happy and my kids grow up to be brilliant people.

What plans/dream or and goals do you have?

Thanks for reading