30 day blogging challenge - Day 3

Day 3 of the blogging challenge is to write about a habit you wish you didnt have.

How about being awesome?

No, I'm glad thats a habit.

I think a habit I wish I didnt have would be getting pissed off so easily at little stuff. Such as, when your in a supermarket and someone leaves their trolley in the middle of the aisle so nobody can get by while their looking at which flavour soup the want to shove down there stupid fat neck. See I told you I get pissed off easy.

It is annoying and stresses me out, I'm stressed cause of those trolley knobheads, then I'm stressed cause I know it's a stupid thing to get so stressed about.

I feel like Fat Bastard off of Austin Powers, "I'm unhappy because I eat and I eat because I'm unhappy"

"I stress out because I'm stressing and I'm stressing because of stupid pricks with trolleys".

Seriously, dont leave your trolley in front of me.

That's just one of the things thay annoys me, I wont go into any of the other things because I'm at work in 10 hours and I wont have time.

What bad habit do you have that you wish you didn't? Let me know in the comments box.

Thanks for sticking with me through day 3. Back tomorrow for day 4!


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  1. I hate selfish people. I hate people who don't say thank you when hold the door open for them. And I hate people who blow cig smoke your way. Dave H.


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