30 day blogging challenge - Day 11

Day 11of this 30-day blogging challenge is my favourite foods and why. 

A much more less aggressive post than yesterday.

I love food, hence why I had to get on a diet once I realised id hit 17 stone. I'm 6 foot 3 so didn't look overweight particularly but when it hurts to bend down to tie your shoelaces you know something has to change. I couldn't find longer shoelaces so I had to go on a diet.

My favourite foods altogether have to be pizza and chocolate. I love a good takeaway, pizza, chips with cheese and some garlic sauce. Maybe some cheeky donner meat if I'm really hungry. Yes there was a reason I put a lot of weight on. Melted cheese on a pizza, some nice spicy pepperoni with chicken and mushrooms on. Amazing!

OMG I love chocolate! Plain Dairy Milk and Plain Galaxy are my favourite. Especially with a nice cup of coffee. When you put a piece in your mouth and take a sip or warm coffee, the chocolate melts and the taste is amazing! Seriously there is a reason I had to go on a diet. I need so much willpower when i go on a diet. 

I've seen in Asda today that Chicago Town are doing a chocolate pizza!


Obviously, it's meant to be a dessert, just made like a pizza.

We bought this today. Diet or not, if you see a chocolate pizza, you're not going to not buy it. 


I can say after looking forward to this once we had finished our tea, the smell while it was cooking, was amazing. When it came out of the oven the chocolate had melted. We cut up it up and shared it out between the four of us and the taste, well it was...


Don't buy it. I was extremely disappointed. It won't put me off chocolate or pizza separately because nothing would. I just won't be buying this ever again. Save yourself the £2. Buy a lottery ticket or something. 

What's your favourite foods? What food have you seen and thought  "I have to try this" and then it be horrible?

Thanks again for reading.


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