30 day blogging challenge - Day 10

Day ten, wow it's been hard work writing posts every day but also great fun. Today I am going to list my top 5 pet peeves

These are in no particular order

1. People who sit directly in front of you in a cinema yet theres about 100 other seats free. Seriously, what is your problem?

2. People who dont say thanks or even acknowledge me when i open or hold a door open for them. They say chilvery is dead, clearly being a rude little twat isnt.

3. People who leave their trolleys right in the middle of an aisle in a supermarket so nobody can get by. Theres a special place in hell for you people, and next time dont look at me like ive took a crap on your doorstep when i move your trolley out the way because your to involved in which soup you want for tea. Soups not a tea type food!! Please see day 3 of this challenge for further evidence that this gets on my nerves.

4. When you order a takeaway and they miss something off your order. You wrote it down you frigging dipshit, it's not hard to look at something and then put it in a bag!

5. My last pet peeve. X factor, Strictly Come Dancing, I'm a celebrity (even though their actually not), Big Brother (any kind), Jeremy Kyle and many many more. Basically I get peeved at anything reality based. Mainly because their all complete idiots embarassing themselves in fron of the entire country to earn a few pennies. Go get a real job!

There you go, that was an angry post so hopefully tomorrow's will be more light hearted.

What are your pet peeves? Leave me a comment and we can moan together!

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  1. I totally agree with you on these! Especially the takeaway one, everytime i order off just eat, there's always atleast 1 thing they've forgot or didn't do right!


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