World Mental Health Day

Today 10th October 2016 is world mental health day.

Mental health issues still have a large stigma attached to them and a lot of people dont like talking about the issues they have. That may be because they fear that they will be ridiculed or they think others wont believe them or that possibly it could affect their jobs.

I think at some point in everyones life,  they have dealt with what would be classed as a mental health issue, however small that may be. Some people have major issues that they have to deal with day in day out for years and years.

I have an issue with my back which some of you may know about if you have read my posts. At the lowest point for me I was having some horrible thoughts. I did talk through with a cognitive behaviour therapist and after a few sessions I started to think slightly differently and after a while I was back to my normal self.

The message I want to give to anyone who is suffering with any kind of mental health issue is, dont suffer in silence no matter how small you think other people will think your issue is. To you that issue is big and you shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. After all "it's good to talk".

Talk to your family/friends, talk to professionals and I'm sure you will start to feel that "weight" lift ever so slightly each day.

Don't be scared to ask for help

You deserve to feel better.

Thanks for reading