Slimming World = 1 month update

It's now been 4 weeks of dieting using Slimming Worlds plan. In 4 weeks I have lost 13lbs! I'm really happy with this, I was 17 stone when I started and am now just 2lbs away from being under 16 stone. Something which I haven't been for a long while.

I don't think or really want to aim for a 6 pack. There's far to much work involved and i do love chocolate still, something that I don't deny myself and don't have to deny myself thanks to the slimming world plan.

The photo above is me (no, not the one on the left) this was at the start of the diet. I'm not going to take another one until I've at least hit my target of 15 and a half stone. I'd love to aim for 15 stone before I start using weights again in the gym.

It was weigh day today so obviously, it has been "cheat day". I had a bun from Cooplands today and we've also had curry and garlic bread for tea. It was amaaaazing!!

Each time I think about being on a "diet" all my brain can think is "14 stone in a day!" thanks Peter Kay for getting that stuck in my head for the rest of my life!

I think next weeks weigh in will be a tough one as this weekend we are going away with friends for the weekend as I turn 30 on Sunday! Obviously, I will have a drink and also hopefully have a nice birthday cake to eat made by my wonderful wife.

It will be straight back on it though as soon as were home, I'm aiming to get to 15 stone by Christmas

Fingers crossed

Wish me luck

Thanks for reading


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