30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 1

Hi, I'm Richie and this is the first post of my 30 day Blogging challenge. The first challenge is to post a recent picture of myself and then tell you 15 interesting facts about ME. I may get to 2 before I have to fake them....

The below photo is of me, Kerry my wife and Joseph and Alice. This is probably the best most recent photo of us even thought its about 6 months old. All the other photos I have are on my phone and my hair is questionable at best and is not something I want shared on social media.

Now it's time for me to thrill you with 15 interesting facts about myself. I'm not sure I know 15 facts about me, let alone them be interesting.

1. I live in Hull (which is in England for anyone reading in another country. It is also in Yorkshire for anyone reading from "down South"). Hull has been voted the 5th worst place to live in the UK by ilivehere.co.uk

2. I got married to Kerry in Florida in 2010

3. I have 2 children, as you can see from the photo above. Joseph (5) and Alice (13 Months)

4. Apparently, I look like Postman Pat (I clearly don't as evidenced by the photo, my mates are just twats)

5. I have successfully never managed to fall into the trap of watching Dirty Dancing

6. I have very long toes

7. In the last year my wife and I have finally got a mortgage and now own our own house

8. I am a store manager for the biggest selling craft chain in Europe

9. I make a bitchin chilli and an awesome rocky road

10. I once got so drunk that when I got home I fell asleep on the landing in just my boxers and wrapped the bath wrapped around me (my mum had to put me into bed, class Rich, pure class)

11. I actually used to like Robbie Williams' music when I was in primary school!

12. I used to be a goalkeeper when I played football

13. I go to the gym so I can eat more pizza

14. I can wiggle both my ears without touching them

15. I didn't make any of these up!

Thanks for reading, tune in tomorrow to read about the meaning of Dick the powerful ruler!



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