October 31, 2016

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 1

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Hi, I'm Richie and this is the first post of my 30 day Blogging challenge. The first challenge is to post a recent picture of myself and then tell you 15 interesting facts about ME. I may get to 2 before I have to fake them....

The below photo is of me, Kerry my wife and Joseph and Alice. This is probably the best most recent photo of us even thought its about 6 months old. All the other photos I have are on my phone and my hair is questionable at best and is not something I want shared on social media.

Now it's time for me to thrill you with 15 interesting facts about myself. I'm not sure I know 15 facts about me, let alone them be interesting.

October 30, 2016

30 day blogging challenge - Introduction!

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I have a week off work this week and I have been struggling with what to write in my posts. I was doing a bit of Twittering the other day when I came across the

"30 day blogging challenge" from thefrenchiemummy and I thought this was a great idea so I'm going to try it myself.

Thank you Frenchie Mummy.

Over the next 30 days, in between working, going to the gym, crying that I'm still on a diet and occasionally making sure my son hasn't put his baby sister in the washing machine, I will attempt to write a post per day based on the below questions. I have generally been posting an average of 2 posts per week since I started blogging in July so doing 30 in a row is going to be a big ask but I want to see if I can do it and keep you all interested. I'll get my thinking cap on and we'll see where it leads. I hope you'll join me in this challenge. I will post the questions below so if you want to take the challenge yourself you can.

October 23, 2016

We got rejected by a homeless man

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I went in town with my 5-year-old son today and we had Greggs for dinner (it's a bakery if you're not from England). There was a homeless man outside and I wanted to teach my son that it's nice to do things for others where you can, I bought the man a sausage roll and asked Joseph if he would like to give it to the man for his dinner as he might be hungry. Joseph went and said "we thought you might be hungry so we bought you a sausage roll".

The homeless man said "no thanks"

Seriously?! Your homeless and a little boy gives you some food and you say no? It's a Greggs sausage roll for godsake not a shit sandwich with a side of shit!
October 11, 2016

Slimming World = 1 month update

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It's now been 4 weeks of dieting using Slimming Worlds plan. In 4 weeks I have lost 13lbs! I'm really happy with this, I was 17 stone when I started and am now just 2lbs away from being under 16 stone. Something which I haven't been for a long while.

October 10, 2016

World Mental Health Day

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Today 10th October 2016 is world mental health day.

Mental health issues still have a large stigma attached to them and a lot of people dont like talking about the issues they have. That may be because they fear that they will be ridiculed or they think others wont believe them or that possibly it could affect their jobs.
October 08, 2016

Donald Trump - WTF America? WTF?

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How great would it be to see Robert De Niro punch Donald Trump in the face?

Super great is my answer!

I'm not American I'm English (It's Ok don't feel bad for me) and as someone who really has no interest in any politics at all, I still can't believe that that fat head has been allowed to run for president.