Slimming World update week 2

After week 1 and losing 7lb, I was feeling good. I knew it would be harder to lose even half of that amount but if I'm going to hit my target of losing 1.5 stone I needed to keep at it.

The problem I find with these diets is that I get bored of the same meals. I dont like prawns and other such sea creatures so reading The bodycoach 15 minute meals doesn't always help. They may be healthy but I think they taste like crap so thats no good. I need a few cookbooks I think.
I am eating alot better and eating a lot more fresh food. I've cut out the snacking which was my main issue.

We had my daughters 1st birthday this sunday and my wife did an amazing two tier cake for her.

Yes, I did have two slices of cake on the same day. It would have been rude not to try out each flavour.

I was also pleased with how it went as I was off work and that usually means I snack more but I didn't cave in.

I managed only 2 gym sessions again but this monday I did 1 hour 10 minutes cardio! That's right a whole 70 minutes cardio! My average used to be about 7 minutes. Per week. 

Once I get to my goal weight  I will start to do weights again as I enjoy this more.

Tuesday morning came around and I stepped on the scales. 

4lb loss! Boom!

That's 11lb in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed I can lose 3lb this week to make it a stone. Not sure if I will though as we are going on a caravan holiday weekend with the kids. If I want chippy I'm going to have it, I dont want to fully stop having things I enjoy as lifes too short.

Thanks for reading see you next week