One sandwich or two? Let's debate!

Sandwiches, everyone loves them. Whether there homemade or bought from a supermarket, maybe you've even splashed out on a subway.

You get a slice of bread, you get another slice of bread. Maybe you put some butter (or margarine, I'm not spreadist) on. Then you choose your choice of filling, will you go for the classic cheese? Ham? Cheese and ham, with some pepperoni and then toast it, oh you MasterChef you.

Of course, you'll add a sauce of some kind, mostly I have BBQ sauce. Then you get your perfectly sharpened knife and cut straight down the centre, or into triangles if you're badass. It's now cut in half.

How many sandwiches do you have?


You don't have two sandwiches, you have one, that is cut in half.

This was a debate me and two friends had in pub one night, me and my fellow big-nosed friend agreed it was 1 sandwich still, while my other rather rotund friend said you had two sandwiches?!!!


"How is it two sandwiches?" We said (I've deleted out the rather large amount of swear words and abuse that was hurled at our friend as he said it was two sandwiches).

We asked, what if you cut it up into ten pieces?

"10 sandwiches!"

Aaaarggghhhh!! It's still f***ing one sandwich! Me and my mate couldn't believe we knew so little about our friend and his weird sandwich beliefs. It was time to re-think his membership to our friendship (that's a lot of ships).

"What if you cut an apple in two, would you have two apples?"

"No, you would still have one"

Oh Jesus, my head was ready to explode.

After a good hour, maybe more and a tweet to Gino DeCampo (who ignored us, how rude) we decided to agree to disagree. Even though me and my mate agreed we were correct. After all, it was two against one. Democracy rules.

So I open up the question to you all, I want this question on the news! So please comment, share the hell out of it, if I get Holly Willoughby reading this out on this morning everyone gets ten points!

So, if you create a sandwich using two slices of bread and a filling, and then cut it in half. Do you have one sandwich or two?

So far we are 2 for 1 sandwich and 1 for 2 sandwiches.

Over to you.....


  1. Obviously 1 who in their right mind thinks it's 2!? Oh I've cut it up into 47 pieces I had 47 sandwiches for dinner oh how greedy am i!! Bat cave has spoken

  2. One sandwhich! I'm usually so jealous of you're "pub" outings with friends,now.......not so much!

  3. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our pub chats we've had some mental chats about chairs and grass!! Well jel? Yep

  4. I remember beginning to learn about fractions in Year 1. Perhaps your friend skipped that year? #oldschoolposts

  5. Haha brilliant!! Until I read your argument for one sandwhich I would of said two! Im now reconsidering my opinion. In my house we ask "how many slices of bread do you want for your sandwhiches?" this avoids the argument you have described lol! #oldschoolposts


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