What drives your motivation as a parent?

What motivates you to be the best you can be at the things you do?

That could be at he as a parent, husband/wife or at work.

My motivation for trying to be the best husband I can be is ensuring my beautiful wife is happy and that she has everything she wants (unless it's a new husband then she can get stuffed. She's stuck with me forever)

My motivation to be the best parent is seeing my kids happy and having the knowledge that I can have a huge impact on their life and shape them into decent human beings who do something with their lives. Also, I can hopefully teach them something that they can teach their kids.

Everything that motivates me comes down to my work life. I work hard so that I can provide for my family like I believe every man should. I work hard so that I can give my wife everything she deserves for giving up her freedom and social life to look after our two kids every day and taking her independence of making her own money (don't worry she gets a fiver pocket money each week). I work hard so I can teach my children that I believe working hard is important to family life and that nothing should just be handed on a plate to you throughout life, you have to work for it.

At work I'm a store manager in retail, I am accountable for the store's performance and ultimately it's my head on the line if the store doesn't perform. My motivation to do well at work is purely down to pride, I know when I've done a good job and that makes me feel good, I'm not the type of person that goes in a huff if their superiors don't praise them, I don't care about that. The pride of knowing I've done a good job keeps me in the know that I'm doing what i can for my family.

As long as I know I've done a good job at work then that sets in motion all the other motivations I have for my family.

Thanks for reading