Mercedes A180D Review

About a week ago on the way home, I was sat in traffic when someone drove into the back of me. Brilliant! Thankfully it was a low impact crash but my car still needed fixing. Off it goes to get fixed just this week and i had asked for a courtesy car to get me around. On the morning of the scheduled pick up the garage calls to say they only have 2 cars available and one is an automatic. Not an issue for me, I like automatics as there easier! Not sure why we even have cars with gears when they make automatics. The cars on offer where a manual Corsa or an automatic Mercedes!

Errrmmmm..... let me think about that for 0.2 seconds. I'll have the Merc thanks.

I love Mercedes cars so I jumped at the chance to get a hire car for a few days. The lady on the other end of the phone fell in love with me as well because apparently, nobody wants automatics! 
I was half expecting the Mercedes to be about 3 foot long. I was pleasantly surprised when this car pulled up. I would say it's around the same size as a Vauxhall Astra, it also has a similar shape. We have never had a posh car before so we were all excited to drive around in a bit of luxury. Even Joseph was excited, about what I'm not quite sure, but he was.

Now I'm no car buff so don't expect this review to be about engine types or brake horsepower, I've got no idea why horses are involved in cars.

I write this review as a parent. 

Looking online this car retails at around £23000 brand new. WOW! At least I know I'll never be able to afford one of these.

The car is really nice, you feel good driving it, it has a 7-inch screen on the dashboard, this is for the reversing camera which is a great help, it doesn't beep though when you get close to something. This however, may just be because the guy who delivered didn't know how to turn it on. A sat Nav can be installed with a memory card. The car had leather seats and inside was black and silver trim. All very nice.

As a parent, if you were looking to get a car and specifically a Mercedes I would not get this one. Now, they don't market it as a family car so this isn't any fault of Mercedes but there is simply just not enough room for a family. With two cars seats in the back, there is not enough room for another person. the boot is very small and can only accommodate about 4/5 full bags of shopping, that's without a pram and other parenting related stuff. there is also no lumbar support on the seats (which isn't good for me or the wife as we have bad backs). Also, the car is very low which would be no good for elderly people or people who struggle with bad backs like us. 

As a parent, I don't advise this car.

As business man or someone with no kids, I would definitely suggest this car if you can afford it. The car drives very smoothly and it looks great.

I still want to get a Mercedes at some point and I love the E class cars. I think they would be perfect for me as they are a lot bigger.

Mercedes, if you're reading this, it's my birthday next month, feel free to send me one for a few days to test drive and I'll write a review for you ;-)

Thanks for reading