Hobbycraft's carvable Pumpkin - Review

It's nearly that time again. Halloween! It seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. God forbid the Americans can have something for themselves. We have been seeing Halloween products hit the shops for the last few weeks and are now starting to see Christmas products come into stores. Today I was shopping in Hobbycraft when I walked by this polystyrene Carvable Pumpkin.

My little boy loved these, he enjoyed pumpkin carving a couple of years ago when he was 3. I say he enjoyed the carving, he watched his mum do it who thought it was "minging". These little pumpkins are 14cm wide and guess what, no "minging" pumpkin seeds or pulp to mess about with!

These are only £1 each!
These would be great for anyone's parties, they are easy to carve and at a £1 you could buy a few and decorate your room nicely in readiness for your Halloween party. These pumpkins will also not rot and cause a smell, you can save them for next year!

You can carve them like a real pumpkin making any face you want. Add to your purchase the pumpkin carving kit, also at only £1 and it makes your life easy. We bought a pumpkin and a carving kit today to try out. 

The pumpkin carving kit should not be used by anyone under 18 due to there being a functional sharp edge in the packet. This is clearly stated on the back of the packaging. In the pack, you get 7 different shapes which are serrated so you can press them into the pumpkin to make the outline you wish to cut. Then use the carving tool to cut out your desired shape. Easy peasy, Saint and Greavsie.

If you wish you could add LED tea lights into them, obviously do not use anything other than LED tealights. These can also be purchased at Hobbycraft for £2 for a pack of 4, you can find the link to those here.

A total of £4 and you can get the pumpkin, carving kit and some tea lights. I think this is a must have for anyone who is having a Halloween party this year or anyone who has kids who will potentially have Halloween related homework. In this day and age, it is getting more and more expensive to complete children's homework due schools not wanting to fork out the money themselves. These are a nice cheap and easy option and the only mess you have to clean up is a little bit of polystyrene.

Hobbycraft also has a great selection of Halloween products in at the moment, some of them are at very family friendly prices.

Thanks for reading