Disney World - Time to start saving!

As you all know me and my family love Disney World. My wife has been around 6 times and I have been 3. My son Joseph has only been once and my daughter has yet to witness the magic that is Disney World.

We're planning to go in either 2019 or 2020, this will ensure that Alice is a few years older and will hopefully be able to handle the heat a bit better than Joseph did. He was only 3 when we went. I can't wait to go again and I know the Mrs can't. it will be great to see the kids faces, we plan on keeping it a surprise from them when we go as well so this will add to the magic. Joseph's face will be a picture, he loved his trip to Disney World and Alice gets excited at broccoli for tea so she will probably explode.

There's nothing like seeing the Walt Disney World sign for the first time on your trip, no matter how many times you've been before. We need to start saving hard if we're going to make it in 2020 as we will now have to pay for 4 of us. We would love to do the Disney cruise as well but not sure if that will be in our budget. 

At the moment were starting to save any change we get weekly, mainly £1 coins and 50p's. That isn't going to get us very far so we will have to step it up after Christmas. A good way to save would be to save up your £2 coins, my mum has been doing this for a while and has a good few hundred quid saved up!

There is going to be several new things open when we next go, 3 things I can't wait to see are, Disney springs. This is the new name for Downtown Disney which has been refurbished, this was happening on our last visit in 2014 so it will be nice to see what they have done with it. The new Star Wars land is going to be a must-see for me. Yes, I am a Star Wars geek. I apologise. Perhaps my most favourite will be Toy Story land, I know we all can't wait to see this, I love the Toy Story films and I know Joseph does, we will force Alice to like it by the time we go so it will be fine.

Our other must see things which the wife will insist we go see are "Fantasmic" and the firework display "wishes". Both are amazing and a must-see for anyone who goes.

Well, I'm off to check behind the couch for loose change to put in the Disney fund pot.

Have you been to Disney? Are you planning to? Leave a comment and let me know your favourite part of Disney or what your most looking forward to!

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  1. Great, I am new parent and looking to plan a trip soon...


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