I'm not getting old, I'm becoming vintage

Next month I hit the big 3 0. I cant believe that I'll be 30! I left school 13 years ago! Father time is creeping up on me quick, or at least that's how it feels. I know I've got many years left and growing old doesn't really bother me at all. Not like it does my wife, she hates birthdays and getting older.

So, am I getting old or becoming vintage? 

Well I've noticed recently that when I watch the SKY music channels (It reminds of being at school/college) the songs we liked now come on, on the "oldskool" section! What is up with that!? I also now watch the music channels and say to myself, "who the frigs that?" "this music is bullshit, it's not like it was in my day". I actually said that to myself the other night! I should start saying "When I was in the war" (In an Uncle Albert voice, obviously)

Not old, just vintagey.

I read somewhere that kids in high school this year will learn about 9/11 as part of their History class!! I can still remember where I was when that happened!

I now find myself complaining that the size of Wispa bars are now smaller than my little finger. I complain that I can remember when Mars Bars where 27p and that I could get on a bus for 40p, instead of the extortionate prices they are now. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

But, not getting old. just becoming a classic.

Why do kids, especially females around the age of 13-16 all look the same, seriously, on my estate you could take every single kid that age as twins. Get some style people! Wheres the FCUK T-shirts and other such apparel gone?

I still feel the same age as I was at college, I just don't look it or have the same thoughts as I did back then. I imagine it gets worse, I guess everyone that's older than me can tell me that.

Does getting older bother you?