Alice's Adventures - ill again!

Hey peeps

I'm not very well again! I woke up with a cold yesterday. Uhh! Why do I always get ill, it's obviously not because I eat slugs.

My little brother went back to school the other week after 6 weeks off. I miss him loads! I don't have anyone to smack now or pull hair, scratch, scream at or throw things or plan to take over the world with. Well, I can do 90% of that to Daddy when he's not at work.

My Uncle Breako came round the other day to steal all our food because his oven's broken, he did bring his new cap with him that he got from Disneyland Paris though, so I tried it on and I look awesome, even if I do say so myself.

On that very same day, my Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Breako went to Cafe Gelato. It's this amazing place where they sell lots of ice creams and other super tasty things. Do you know what happened when they went there? They waited until I was asleep before they went in! Can you believe that!

I got screwed out of Cafe gelato again!!! You can read my thoughts on my first epically failed trip to Cafe Gelato here

I woke up as they had nearly finished, so you know what I did? I kicked off, big style. I'm not standing for this crap anymore. I'm 11 months old, I demand respect! They finally saw sense and I got a bit of ice cream. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me one more time parents, and you'll see the biggest turd you've ever seen, then I'm going to keep rolling over while you're changing me! Paybacks a bitch!

Anyway, that's my rant over. As I mentioned earlier I don't feel very well. My Daddy has got a week off work as well this week. We can still do stuff though I'll soldier on. 

Guess what I learnt to do in this past week? Clap my hands, give my dad a high five (which he's most proud of teaching me) and stand up for a bit all by myself. My little brother keeps walking around an stuff like he's the king. You just wait bud, as soon as I can walk, you'll definitely see why Daddy calls me hurricane Alice. 

I'm still completing my preparations for world dominance, I think my dad's onto me though, he keeps catching me doing stuff that I shouldn't be doing. He even papped me doing something naughty earlier today so I had to launch myself at his phone to get it. I don't know how but I managed to delete the evidence. Genius at work people! Genius at work.

My Mummy and Daddy are on a diet at the minute, I'm not surprised about my Daddy, I heard him say he was 17 stone now. I weigh like 1 stone. Come on fats, do a sit up or summut. I keep hearing him moan that he want's chocolate, he even stole a wotsit off me the other day, I don't think Mummy was looking though. He especially moaned this morning when he had a banana and grapes for breakfast. So what Dad, you bring me carrots and broccoli in a dish for tea nearly every day. Get used to it chubs. 

I saw my Nanna and Grandad today. I love seeing them and they love seeing me, they especially love seeing me destroy their living room 5 seconds after I crawl in. Nanna got really excited the other day because I kept saying "nana" over and over, that was until Mummy finally pointed out that I was pointing to the banana on the side that I wanted to munch on. 

I hope this cold goes away soon, I'm sick of my Dad sticking a wipe on my nose every 6 seconds. Daddy called me a "snotbox" earlier! How rude!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but you're still fatter than me!

I'm off to get some sleep now to recharge in readiness for my reign of terror to start again tomorrow.

See you soon peeps

Alice x



  1. Oh Alice I feel for you. How dare they wait till you were 💤 to go to cafe Gelato !! The bloody cheek.

  2. Well done on your achievements this week Alice, especially those Daddy hasn't managed to catch you doing yet!
    Glad you managed to get a bit of know what they say, you snooze you lose!

  3. Aw i love this, colds aren't very nice are they! plenty of water and everything should be better soon.

  4. Aw I love this! Alices adventures are always so funny! I especially like the hat from Disney-how cute! #oldschoolposts


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