6 pack or dad bod?

In today's high-pressure society, there is a strong idealised image of what a man should look like. Muscles, 6 pack abs, and fake tan.

Do I measure up to this image?

Fuck no! I have kids.

Apologies for that violent outburst, I'm in hour 14 of the slimming world diet. I really want chocolate and biscuit and cake and crisps, and chocolate cake with biscuits on and a side of crisps.


It's because I know I shouldn't have them that I want them even more. Yes, I am 7 years old.

I almost considered murdering my daughter and stealing her Wotsits earlier.

That was a joke. I definitely considered it.

Its been 11 months since my little girl was born and while I did the honourable thing through my wifes pregnancy and sympathy ate so that I also put weight on so she didnt feel bad about the weight gain, I dont know what my excuse is now.

Oh yeah I do,I'mm a greedy bastard and have massive sweet tooth. Seriously, I look like Goofy.

I have what the media have affectionately called a "dadbod". Well it's more like two dadbods to be honest. Im 6 foot 3 and I got weighed yesterday and I'm at 17 stone! Which is half a stone more than I thought I was!

I don't look "fat" just more "festively plump" I reckon. My height hides it ok I suppose but I do have a beer belly. It's more of a Malteser belly really as I don't drink beer.  My wife wants to lose weight as well to get rid of the baby weight and it's time that I did to. I'm not happy when I look in the mirror anymore. Plus I'm nearly 30, its time to start eating like an adult.

I'm not looking for massive muscles and a 6 pack, just reducing the 24 pack I currently have will be a start. My aim is to drop 1.5 stones which will take me to 15 and a half stone. That is the weight I was when I got married and I would have liked to have been 15 stone then. So we'll see. I need to get my motivation back for the gym as that will help my weightloss.

Does anyone have any great recipes they can share? Let me know!

I will keep everyone updated on my progress after weigh day (Tuesday).

Thanks for reading



  1. I laughed my head off throughout this post, then realised.... I could have written this!!! My friend we are in exactly the same boat, well maybe two boats, doesn't sound like we'd fit in just the one!!

  2. Haha, i think most dads are in the same boat (i feel sorry for that boat). The first step is admitting you have a dad bod! I'm fine with not having a 6 pack, i just dont want to have two dad bods, i dont wamt to be greedy lol well actually....


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