September 27, 2016

What they don't tell you about having a baby and being a Dad

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If you're new to the dadding world, you'll know we don't get told a lot about what to expect. Women seem to have this natural ability to know what to do with their child immediately while us men are stood there filling our pants, the same time the baby is.

Apparently were being "childish" when we ask to have our bum changed. It's OK for the baby though!
September 27, 2016

Slimming World update week 2

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After week 1 and losing 7lb, I was feeling good. I knew it would be harder to lose even half of that amount but if I'm going to hit my target of losing 1.5 stone I needed to keep at it.

The problem I find with these diets is that I get bored of the same meals. I dont like prawns and other such sea creatures so reading The bodycoach 15 minute meals doesn't always help. They may be healthy but I think they taste like crap so thats no good. I need a few cookbooks I think.
I am eating alot better and eating a lot more fresh food. I've cut out the snacking which was my main issue.

We had my daughters 1st birthday this sunday and my wife did an amazing two tier cake for her.

Yes, I did have two slices of cake on the same day. It would have been rude not to try out each flavour.
September 21, 2016

I lost 7lbs in the first week!!

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I've just completed week 1 of the slimming world diet. I got weighed yesterday after waking up and according to my scales I've lost 7lbs!

I'm not sure if I believe it though as it said the same for my wife yet when she went to slimming world club she had only lost 1.5lbs according to their scales. The scales at SW and our scales matched up last week after my wife's first weigh in so I'm not entirely sure how they can be out so much this week.

I've weighed myself on my scales at 3 separate times in the last 24 hours to see if there was a massive fluctuation and there wasn't so I'm sticking to my 7lbs! I do feel as though I've lost something.
September 19, 2016

Alice's Adventures - ill again!

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Hey peeps

I'm not very well again! I woke up with a cold yesterday. Uhh! Why do I always get ill, it's obviously not because I eat slugs.

My little brother went back to school the other week after 6 weeks off. I miss him loads! I don't have anyone to smack now or pull hair, scratch, scream at or throw things or plan to take over the world with. Well, I can do 90% of that to Daddy when he's not at work.

My Uncle Breako came round the other day to steal all our food because his oven's broken, he did bring his new cap with him that he got from Disneyland Paris though, so I tried it on and I look awesome, even if I do say so myself.

September 14, 2016

6 pack or dad bod?

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In today's high-pressure society, there is a strong idealised image of what a man should look like. Muscles, 6 pack abs, and fake tan.

Do I measure up to this image?

Fuck no! I have kids.

Apologies for that violent outburst, I'm in hour 14 of the slimming world diet. I really want chocolate and biscuit and cake and crisps, and chocolate cake with biscuits on and a side of crisps.


It's because I know I shouldn't have them that I want them even more. Yes, I am 7 years old.

I almost considered murdering my daughter and stealing her Wotsits earlier.

That was a joke. I definitely considered it.
September 11, 2016

Disney World - Time to start saving!

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As you all know me and my family love Disney World. My wife has been around 6 times and I have been 3. My son Joseph has only been once and my daughter has yet to witness the magic that is Disney World.

We're planning to go in either 2019 or 2020, this will ensure that Alice is a few years older and will hopefully be able to handle the heat a bit better than Joseph did. He was only 3 when we went. I can't wait to go again and I know the Mrs can't. it will be great to see the kids faces, we plan on keeping it a surprise from them when we go as well so this will add to the magic. Joseph's face will be a picture, he loved his trip to Disney World and Alice gets excited at broccoli for tea so she will probably explode.
September 11, 2016

Hobbycraft's carvable Pumpkin - Review

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It's nearly that time again. Halloween! It seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. God forbid the Americans can have something for themselves. We have been seeing Halloween products hit the shops for the last few weeks and are now starting to see Christmas products come into stores. Today I was shopping in Hobbycraft when I walked by this polystyrene Carvable Pumpkin.

My little boy loved these, he enjoyed pumpkin carving a couple of years ago when he was 3. I say he enjoyed the carving, he watched his mum do it who thought it was "minging". These little pumpkins are 14cm wide and guess what, no "minging" pumpkin seeds or pulp to mess about with!

These are only £1 each!
September 10, 2016

#TheDaddyTag Challenge

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the Frenchie Mummy Blog

Here I am answering the #TheDaddyTag challenge. It has been created by you can also find her Twitter page here

My wife put me forward for this onTwitter, you can find her on her blog One Hull of a Mum

I will answer the Questions first then post the rules underneath for the next blogger to follow

September 09, 2016

One sandwich or two? Let's debate!

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Sandwiches, everyone loves them. Whether there homemade or bought from a supermarket, maybe you've even splashed out on a subway.

You get a slice of bread, you get another slice of bread. Maybe you put some butter (or margarine, I'm not spreadist) on. Then you choose your choice of filling, will you go for the classic cheese? Ham? Cheese and ham, with some pepperoni and then toast it, oh you MasterChef you.

Of course, you'll add a sauce of some kind, mostly I have BBQ sauce. Then you get your perfectly sharpened knife and cut straight down the centre, or into triangles if you're badass. It's now cut in half.

How many sandwiches do you have?

September 08, 2016

What would you do if you won £1 million?

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We can all dream, daydream in particular. I reckon that almost everyone has dreamt of winning the lottery. It's what we do, then we'll chat about what we would do with the money, and what we would buy?
This may usually happen in the pub or some social setting were the drinks are flowing.

I want to know what you would do if you won the lottery. For arguments sake let's say you win £1 million. Here's my questions followed by my answers to them.
September 07, 2016

A song for my son

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Below is a song to the tune of Queen's "We will rock you". I wrote this for my son Joseph who was my first born. 

Buddy you're a boy making a big noise
Screaming in your crib gonna be a big man some day
You've got sick on yo' face
I feel like a disgrace
Throwing your nappies all over the place
I'm singing

I will I will always love you
I will I will always love you

Buddy you're a young man smart man
Shoutin in the living room you love this place
I've got smiles on my face
I love this phase
Shakin your ass all over the place
Im singin

I will I will always love you
I will I will always love you

Buddy your a brother now young man
Pleading with your sister please give me some space
She's got a slug on her face
You're in space
I wish someone would bring some whisky to my place
Im singin

I will I will always love you
I will I will always love you

Thanks for reading

September 07, 2016

What drives your motivation as a parent?

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What motivates you to be the best you can be at the things you do?

That could be at he as a parent, husband/wife or at work.

My motivation for trying to be the best husband I can be is ensuring my beautiful wife is happy and that she has everything she wants (unless it's a new husband then she can get stuffed. She's stuck with me forever)
September 04, 2016

Mercedes A180D Review

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About a week ago on the way home, I was sat in traffic when someone drove into the back of me. Brilliant! Thankfully it was a low impact crash but my car still needed fixing. Off it goes to get fixed just this week and i had asked for a courtesy car to get me around. On the morning of the scheduled pick up the garage calls to say they only have 2 cars available and one is an automatic. Not an issue for me, I like automatics as there easier! Not sure why we even have cars with gears when they make automatics. The cars on offer where a manual Corsa or an automatic Mercedes!

Errrmmmm..... let me think about that for 0.2 seconds. I'll have the Merc thanks.

I love Mercedes cars so I jumped at the chance to get a hire car for a few days. The lady on the other end of the phone fell in love with me as well because apparently, nobody wants automatics! 
September 04, 2016

I'm not getting old, I'm becoming vintage

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Next month I hit the big 3 0. I cant believe that I'll be 30! I left school 13 years ago! Father time is creeping up on me quick, or at least that's how it feels. I know I've got many years left and growing old doesn't really bother me at all. Not like it does my wife, she hates birthdays and getting older.

So, am I getting old or becoming vintage? 

Well I've noticed recently that when I watch the SKY music channels (It reminds of being at school/college) the songs we liked now come on, on the "oldskool" section! What is up with that!? I also now watch the music channels and say to myself, "who the frigs that?" "this music is bullshit, it's not like it was in my day". I actually said that to myself the other night! I should start saying "When I was in the war" (In an Uncle Albert voice, obviously)

Not old, just vintagey.

I read somewhere that kids in high school this year will learn about 9/11 as part of their History class!! I can still remember where I was when that happened!

I now find myself complaining that the size of Wispa bars are now smaller than my little finger. I complain that I can remember when Mars Bars where 27p and that I could get on a bus for 40p, instead of the extortionate prices they are now. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

But, not getting old. just becoming a classic.

Why do kids, especially females around the age of 13-16 all look the same, seriously, on my estate you could take every single kid that age as twins. Get some style people! Wheres the FCUK T-shirts and other such apparel gone?

I still feel the same age as I was at college, I just don't look it or have the same thoughts as I did back then. I imagine it gets worse, I guess everyone that's older than me can tell me that.

Does getting older bother you?

September 04, 2016

What's next for my blog?

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I've almost hit 5000 page views on my blog! I'm supremely happy with that. I started blogging two months ago for nothing other than something to do and to see if anyone would want to read my ramblings. I have just over 20 posts now and feel confident enough that people are willing to read what I write, so what's next?

I would like to learn something that will have a positive impact on my blogging and I think the next step would be to take a course on photography, I do take some of my own photos but I literally know nothing about photography other than point the camera at something and hit capture.