My Bucket List

A slightly grim topic but I think if I write them down then maybe I will have a better chance to achieve what I want to achieve before my inevitable demise.

Here's list of things I want to do before I croak it:
(Not in any particular order)

  1. Spend Christmas in New York
  2. Hire an Aston Martin for a day (unless I win the lottery, then I'll just buy 7)
  3. Get something of mine published in either a book, magazine, newspaper etc.
  4. Own a Mercedes
  5. Stay in a penthouse suite of a hotel
  6. Put $50 on Red at Caesars Palace Casino in Vegas
  7. Stay in one of those huts that are in the middle of the sea in some tropical paradise
  8. Celebrate 50 years of marriage to my amazing wife (currently 5!)
  9. Win over £1000 on a sports bet
  10. Party like it's 1999
There's only 10 points here, I do have plenty more I want to do but I will save that for another day

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