Marvel Super Hero Mashers Review

"Yes, I've got Wolverine and Iron Man Mashers!"

Is what I said when my wife came home with them for my son's fifth birthday this week.

We bought these Mashers from Home Bargains, our son had wanted some for over a year now and we found them priced at £7.99 which we thought was very reasonable. These were the two most known superheroes they had in stock so that is what we went for.

Before I carry on I would like to state that this is my own review, I have not been asked to do this review by any person/company whether mentioned in this review or not. However please feel free to send me free stuff to review 😃

The Mashers are made by Hasbro and sold by many toy retailers. Prices vary in different retailers and also vary as expected if there's more things included in the box. 

The packaging on these I thought was great as you can clearly tell what the product is thanks to the eye catching logo. Many people recognise the Marvel logo nowadays thanks to superheroes ever increasing popularity and it is easy to spot. You also get to physically see the product due to the clear packaging, this is a big bonus for as at least you can tell whether the product is tacky or not. In this case it is not tacky.

When you look at the packaging you also see the parts that come off and that are able to "mash" onto another figure. 

Both me and my son are a big fan of Marvel and seeing the large collection you can buy in shops is great, I just wish my bank balance enjoyed Marvel as much as we do.

My son, who as mentioned turned five this week was able to open the packaging and get the toys out himself which I thought was a plus. Nowadays you spend a week undoing tie wraps, removing sellotape or untwisting cord just to get a tiny product out the box. These were packaged well but easy to open, thumbs up emoji for you Hasbro. 

We saw today that you can get a Hulk and Hulk buster double set, I cant wait to get that, I mean my son cant wait to get that. Yes, my son.

The only downside I see of these products is that in stores, you hardly ever see the more popular figures such as Captain America and Thor. Maybe that's just an issue in Hull where I live or just my bad luck. They are available to buy online so this is more of a bug bare than Hasbro's fault. 

One thing that possibly would have been worth thinking about is putting some sort of cloth bag in with the products so if the kids don't happen to be playing with certain parts, like a foot or something, I don't know maybe it got blown off in an epic dual somewhere. Then the little bits could go in a bag and would hopefully, and I say this with everything crossed, hopefully the little bits wont go missing.

Overall, a great toy for kids and kidults alike. So many different variations can be made once you have a few in your collection, making the fun that can be had endless. The average price of about £11 I think is very reasonable due to how many there are and how many of your own superheroes you can make by "mashing".

Thanks for reading