Get off your phone and see what's in front of you

I could've run over three people today! Good job I was paying attention.

The reason I could've run them over is because they were walking on the path up to a junction and started to cross the road without even looking! I see this day in day out. Yet if I did run them over, I'd have a lawsuit on my hands and some serious issues with the feds to deal with.
There is surely no need to be on the phone that much that you can't follow basic road principles that children are taught in school.

It may be because I'm getting older, boohoo, but this annoys me more and more. People sit in restaurants with their families and every single one of them is on their phones instead of talking to each other. As grim as this may sound, phones will be around forever, your parents etc won't be. I would say that 80% of the people that I saw today were looking at their phones, just wait until you get home!


Don't get me wrong I love my phone and I would be lost without it. But I would much rather not have a phone than miss out on listening to my son read a whole book by himself or miss out on my little girl taking her first steps all because I was looking at what type of bread Joe Blogs had at Subway. Last week I was off work on annual leave and we went out for a couple of days to the seaside etc. I didn't take my phone with me. While it felt like something was missing, I actually enjoyed not having it, I enjoyed not "just checking the time" and then checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sky sports and missing everything that was going on around me.

Put your phones away and enjoy what you seeing 

Thanks for reading