Alice's Adventures! 4 - Pizza Hut for tea

Hey Peeps

I've been to somewhere called Pizza Hut tonight for tea, well I say I have, I had a tiny bit of chicken and a smidge of ice cream, this is becoming a trend now when we go out for meals!
I fell asleep in the car on the way there. When we got there I was woken up by the wind. I opened my eyes to see my dad's face about 3 inches away from mine as he was undoing my seat belt, not a pretty sight, sorry dad, only joking you're real cute. Not as cute as me, but hey no one is!

Daddy got me out of the car and took me quickly inside as it was starting to rain and very windy. Daddy seemed pretty excited. I guess he likes pizza, well I know he does judging by all the pizza boxes at our house at a weekend. It did smell nice when we got inside. I got given a high chair to sit in because I'm super small. Mummy and Joseph sat near me. Joseph had brought a game called Guess who? Mummy was playing it with him. I thought I could join in and help by bashing the board, apparently this isn't how you play Guess Who? Well I didn't know! I'm only ten months old!

Everyone ordered their food, except me of course, I get fake wotsits from Aldi and a jar of cold curry. I bet the Queen doesn't get treat like this! Lucky cow. Joseph was getting chicken strips and fries because he doesn't like pizza, way to choose somewhere to eat Mum and Dad. My ears pricked up when I heard Joseph would be getting ice cream. I lurrrve ice cream. Mummy and Daddy got the fat bastard meal, I mean the sharing meal. This consisted of an 8 slice pizza, 3 sides and then a big dessert.

Whilst we were waiting for the food to come (apart from me, not sure if I mentioned but I don't get to order yet) I decided it would be a brilliant idea to grab my pack of wipes, open the packet and individually pick them out and throw them on the floor! I will have my revenge for not getting a meal! This made Joseph laugh lots. I decided to throw them at his head as this was even funnier, I'm a genius. Mummy decided to feed me my curry, not sure if I mentioned but this was a jar as I'm not allowed a meal. It was pretty nice though. It was fairly busy tonight so I thought I'd be social and shout "Hiya" really loud several times. Nobody said it back apart from Daddy. Miserable buggers.

The food came and Daddy finished it in about 6 seconds so I think he enjoyed it. I got a few bits of chicken from Mummy. She tried letting me eat some salad and pasta but I'm not falling for that, not in Pizza Hut, I want the good stuff. 

After we'd all finished our meals, apart from me because I'm not allowed one, it was time for desert. Yes!!!

Joseph went to get his ice cream, he got strawberry sauce on it and loads of sprinkles as well. I got those fake wotsits I mentioned. I decided to take my revenge up to DEFCON 1, operation massive vocal turd was underway. Mummy and Daddy's face was a picture, they said something about me going to pop as I was purple. I made plenty of grunts and strains, Mummy said "oh no, this is going to be fun." Cue evil laugh from me. I didn't take my eyes off Daddy either whilst I did it, which I know he didn't appreciate. Maybe next time I'll get a friggin meal!!

Their dessert came and it looked amazing, a sharing cookie dough with 3 scoops of ice cream, caramel sauce and white chocolate sauce.

The waitress came to take our plates away and she was telling me how cute I am. I was thinking, I KNOW!!!! I kept smiling and she kept saying how cute I was. It was time to go now so Mummy and Daddy paid the lady and we got back in the car. On the car Journey home, it was time for operation massive turd 2! It was pretty bad if I do say so myself, Daddy had to open the window, that's how bad it was.

Well that'll teach them for not getting me a meal!

Until next time 

Alice x



  1. Hello Alice.
    Sounds like a great night out. Good job on the massive turds for daddy.
    To dad.
    I love this idea. Very fun to read and brings me back to the days when my 3 were this young.

    1. Thanks! Also thanks for commenting. I plan on doing plenty more of these in the future


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