A General Wondering...ment

A quick reference to F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the title if anyone noticed?

This post is all about the things I have noticed over the last few weeks that, when i think about it are a little odd. If you have experience in any of them please leave a comment.

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I wonder if every bus driver in Hull gets sick of being called "Drive"? Were that lazy that we can't even be bothered to add the r on the end or just say "thanks" instead of "thanks drive"

I wonder why we moan like mad and loud enough for everyone to hear when were stuck in a queue and then say "oh it's alright" when someone says "sorry for the wait".

I wonder why when we see a boat/ferry, when were at the seaside or anywhere, we wave at everyone on it even though we dont know anyone and they also wave back?

Why do we tell our children not to accept gifts from strangers, yet it's ok for them to believe a big fat guy brings them once a year and they should accept them no questions asked?

Since when has it been acceptable to walk down the street or even go shopping in your dressing gown and slippers? I've seen it happen.

When you're the only people in a cinema, why do others come in and sit in front or behind you when the rest of the seats are free?

So there you have it, a few of the things that went through my head these past few weeks. 

What are your general wonderingments? 

Thanks for reading

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