57 days of blogging - What I have learnt so far

3354!!!!! That's how many page views I have had in 57 days of blogging. Now I'm not sure how many most people get but I'm very pleased with that.

I started my first blog post on 2nd July. I originally started it on Wordpress after reading several reviews online about what site is the best. There was so much information and it was all a bit daunting. I had wanted to do a blog since before Xmas 2015. I went with Wordpress and was surprised at how easy it was to set up. I then started reading more about layouts, what to write, what widgets to use etc and I had a pretty nice looking blog (after changing the look 3 times in the first 24 hours.

I had researched quite a bit online and everything I was reading was telling me I needed a niche and had to know who and what my audience type was going to be! Uh! I didn't want to think about that I just wanted to write about whatever popped into my head and then see where that takes me. I have now around 20 posts and can safely say that my blog is a parenting/family based blog. I still don't think I cater for a specific age range etc and I wouldn't like to. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my blog and I'm really grateful to everyone who spends their free time reading it.

First thing I needed to do was come up with a name for my blog. As I didn't have a niche at the time I wanted something that would be different, something that I hoped no one else would have thought. You can read how I chose my name here.

While at work I had taken on someone who had been blogging for a number of years and had said how much she loved it. I had spoken to Kate about my new blog and how I was finding WordPress sometimes quite difficult and that I wanted my own domain name. Wordpress self-hosting seemed quite expensive also, and as a brand new blogger, I didn't really want to pay for this as I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Kate told me how it was fairly easy to integrate your domain name to Blogger and that is was very easy to use. I bought a domain name from GoDaddy for £1 and then researched on how to set it up into Blogger. it all seemed very technical and I thought it would be a nightmare. However exporting my blog and getting my domain name to work in Blogger was fairly straight forward as there are plenty of blogs out there telling you how to do it step by step. The next day I was on Blogger and I haven't looked back since. There aren't as many cool widgets on blogger but I feel more secure knowing it is with Google. Maybe in a year or so if my blog takes off I can get my own self-hosted site and I can add whatever I want but for now, the free use of Blogger is fantastic. Thanks to Pieces Of Kate for the help, you can check out her blog here.

I sometimes get stuck with what to write, I usually give it a day and something will happen that I think I can turn into a blog post. I have started a blog series called Alice's Adventures! These are the adventures of my 10-month-old baby girl and there written from her point of view. Check them out here. I also love Disney World Florida and have 3 posts about it. They are my most viewed posts so far.

To gain more page views I share my posts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I found that on Twitter having a photo to post with your Tweet really helps. I recently came across an app called "Stumble Upon". I'm still working out how to use it properly but this has majorly boosted my page views, I got 105 views of my Disney Cruise post in just over an hour! This is definitely worth using. Twitter is still a great place to network and speak to other bloggers, the people I have spoken to have all been really friendly and there are several blogging groups that will retweet your posts which is really helpful. Pexels and Pixabay are also great sites to get free photos from, to use on your blog for free.

I read online (again) that there needs to be an 80/20 split in your blogging life. 20% writing and 80% sharing, after all, if you don't share it, no one will see it. I can safely say that this is very true. if I am off work I can share several of my posts throughout the day and easily hit 250+ views yet I may only hit 50 on a day I'm at work, as I will only post on an evening when I'm home. I seem to find that between 7-10 pm on an evening is the time you will also get most of your views.

I write my blog because I want to. I haven't set out to make any money from my blogging but if that comes in the future then brilliant. I just want people to enjoying reading my stuff.

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Are you a new blogger? What have you found out in your first few months?

Thanks for reading

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