One Dad from Hull tries blogging

(90's gameshow voice) "What's your name and where do you come from?"

Hi I'm One Hull of Dad and I'm from, well, Hull. That's in England if you're reading this in another country. If you're American, no it's not near London and no I don't know the queen (every time I've been to the US I've been asked that).

I've been interested in creating a blog for some time but never knew what I'd write about and I still don't. I think it will be a mixture of online diary, places/product reviews and generally and more likely me moaning about stuff that gets on my nerves, strap in because you could be here a while if I talk about that last one.
Now enough about that and more about me, I'm 29......hang on, you know what really pisses me off? People who sit in front or behind you at cinemas when the place is empty! What is wrong with those people? Sit somewhere else and take your pack of "extra loud chewing sounds" flavour of popcorn with you!! If you are one of these people, you need help, some serious help!

Anyhow back to me, I'm 29, I have two children and only one wife (that's not me complaining , one is enough!). I may be newly divorced if the Mrs reads this before anyone else but at least I'll have my next post sorted! My little boy is five and my little girl is eight months old and they're both the most precious things in the world to me, second to them are Oreos. They're awesome! My wife stays at home and looks after my children and does an amazing job. I'm a store manager for the biggest craft retailer in europe , I enjoy my job which is good cause I only do it to bring money home for my wife and children, which they spend with vigour. In any spare time I get I like to read, watch films and go to the gym. The gym time has slipped away recently and so has my waistline. Back to it Monday, probably.

Not sure what my next post will be about or when but I'll have a think and you'll know when I do. Maybe it'll be 1000 things that annoy me about everything.

Thanks for reading

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  1. They've done studies that if you write down things that annoy you each day, your happiness levels decrease. But if you write down things that you're grateful for each day, they will increase!

    Fun tidbit.


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