Gotham News - An interview with Batman!

This is Gotham news on channel 13 and i have a very special guest today. None other than Gothams own, Batman!

Welcome Mr Man, or would you prefer Bat?

It's just Batman, one word!

Really? Are you sure? Two names has a bigger impact, i mean your biggest nemesis was called "The".

The Joker was a psychopath! You shouldn't be making jokes about a murderer!

Err, i wasn't making jokes.

Can we get on with this please i need to get some milk.

Ah yes sorry! The 7 eleven closes at 8 you should be fine. 

What do you say to those people who say you're nothing more than a criminal?

I say nothing to those people, i fight criminals, i go places most people are afraid of and i'll only stop when all crime has gone from Gotham.

Or you're killed....

Excuse me?!

You'll only stop when all crime is gone, or you're killed. You cant fight crime if your dead.

I thought you were a serious reporter?

I am, i'm from Metropolis.


Can you tell us about the time you punched notorious good guy superhero Green Lantern in the face?

He's a dick.

O K. Dick Grayson has come out this week and admitted to being your first sidekick Robin, did you ever laugh when you had to call him by his first name?

That's it i've had enough of this, i'm leaving.

No please sit down, i'm sorry that was a question from one of our viewers. 

We all know you and Catwoman have a thing, what does she think of the child that Talia al Ghul is having, i mean it is yours correct?

Shit, i forgot, i have a hospital appointment.

I thought you needed milk.....

Bat?.....Mr Man?

Well that's it folks, the eye opening interview from Batman there. 

Ive been Will Lee and this is Gotham News

Good Night

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