Why you should experience Disney World

Should everyone experience Disney World?         


That's the simplest answer. Everyone should be able to experience Disney World at least once. I've been lucky enough to go three times so far. It is an amazing holiday and not as expensive as you would think. I was in Florida for my 21st Birthday which was 8 years ago now. That was the first time I went. Kerry and I had been together just over 2 years and she said she really wanted to go again (having been herself 3 times already). I've never been a Disney fanatic, I liked the Aladdin film as a child and love the Cars and Toy Story films even now (who doesn't but it had never crossed my mind to go to Florida. If Kerry and I never got togetherI'dd probably never have been still. She told me it's not what you think, it's not just for kids and that Florida is an amazing place. The decision had been made, not by me because I'm a bloke and we don't get a say but it had been made nonetheless. So that was it, we were going. All 7 of us.

How could we afford it I hear you ask?

We split everything 7 ways which made it cheaper. We also booked everything online.


We booked the flights, car, villa, Disney Cruise and park tickets all separately and shared it seven ways. I can't remember how much it was as it was so long ago but I know I didn't baulk at the cost. At this time the dollar was $2 to the £1 which is the best rate we have got. I took full advantage of this, taking $3000 spending, what? It was my first time! I also love shopping and being somewhere with amazing brands was great.

"You'll never spend that much" they said.

"You'll come back with loads of money left" they said.

Nope! Spent every cent. Go me!

UHHHH!! 9-hour flight! It went quite quick, to be honest. Take your headphones so you don't get scammed into buying their headphones for a fiver. Also take a book, Nintendo DS, crossword or just anything that will distract you from having to talk to the wife (or future wife in my case at that point). If you're 6 foot 3 like I am, look forward to no leg room and zero sleep. unless you fly with Virgin or on Thomsons Dreamliner.

There are so many things to talk about doing at Disney World and Universal. I will end up writing another post about "what to try" when your there. 

It's hard to describe just how great Disney World is. That trip across in the Ferry to magic Kingdom is great and to see the castle is simply amazing.

The smallest details are looked after, it certainly isn't just for kids. I can't imagine anyone has been to Disney World and left feeling unimpressed. I mean the car parks alone are probably as big as England. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but not by much.

We loved Florida so much that Kerry and i got married there in 2010. We didn't get married in Disney as that was too expensive. We got married in a lovely little chapel on International Drive and we honeymooned in the Bahamas on the Disney Cruise. The best decision i ever made was letting Kerry to marry me!

The first trip in 2008 had us hooked, we've been 3 times altogether. In 2014 we took our son Joseph. He had just turned 3 and it was hard. He couldn't handle the weather so the next time we go it will be 2020 when Alice is 4. Joseph still remembers things from the holiday 2 years after and he cannot wait to go again.

That's it for now. I will no doubt write another couple of posts on this about the Disney Cruise, Florida in general and what to eat/do or find in the Disney/Universal parks.

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  1. My ex-husband and I were just talking about this the other day. Our kids are now 15 and 10 and we have yet to take them to Disneyworld. My ex went several times as a kid but I've actually never been and I'm 40 years old lol. We are trying to figure out how we can use our tax returns next month to try and take the kids. I know my oldest really wants to go to Universal Studios and my youngest could care less either way. I think it's because he just doesn't know what he's missing:)


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