Alice's Adventures! - A trip to Caffe Gelato

Hey Peeps!

It's me Alice, you may remember me from such posts as Alice's Adventures! - A babies point of view. I've just woke up and I guess it's quite early because mummy and daddy have just groaned about me saying hiya, so I think I'll climb on mummy's head and poke daddy in the eye.
I've had my breakfast and now doing a great job of looking cute and getting loads of attention. I keep shouting hiya dad so he'll play with me. Oh look a shoe! I keep hearing Caffe Gelato being mentioned, I wonder what a Caffe Gelato is? My big brother's getting excited and mummy keeps saying "Caffe Gelato" "Caffe Gelato""Caffe Gelato" and doing a little dance so it must be good, oh look a paintbrush!

Ommmm!! Daddies got to go on a speed awareness course today. Daddy, drugs are bad you know!

Finally! Where off to pick daddy up from what I now know is a driving speed awareness course, still, bad mojo dad. Once we've got him were off to this Caffe Gelato! I'm in my car seat all ready to go, hang on, I need a poo!

Ooh I must've been asleep because were here and so is daddy! Big smiles for him. He smiles back at me and says "hiya baby" so obviously I'm going to show how clever I am by saying hiya dad and adding a wave in there as well. Joseph won't sit still he's really excited, Oh. My. God. I can see ice cream!! Everyone's reading something and choosing what they're having. Why aren't I being asked what I want?

MILK...MILK!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I get milk and Joseph gets a spiderman Sundae and you two get cookie dough and an ice cream mountain!

Dad has four scoops of ice cream! The Fathead! Oh I've had enough of this, that's it I'm screaming!

Yes! Mummy is giving me some of hers, she's being a bit tight with the spoonfuls but still.

Awesome sauce!

Awesome sauce? Where have I got that saying from? Probably just something stupid my dad says, there's plenty of that.

It looks like were leaving now. I'm pretty tired so I think I'll give these two a rest, at least until they come to bed.

Speak soon peeps

Alice   x

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