Alice's Adventures! - A babies point of view


Oh my god what was that?! Ah I'm awake now it doesnt matter. Right, what to do first? The big guys Ironing so I think I'll test his reflexes by rolling straight off the couch, that'll check If he's awake or not.

Dont worry he saved me with plenty of time. I guess he was watching, four eyes really are better than two! Now he's sat down next to me, I think I'll pretend I want a cuddle. Yes! he's picking me up and he's going for a cuddle. Now It's time to bounce up and down and try and climb up the back of the couch.


What's his problem? What's he cupping those for? Weirdo.

I can't believe I've been awake for 13 minutes and haven't been offered a drink! Unbelievable! Sod this I'm off for a crawl, ooh look my teddy, no wait a pack of wipes, damm there closed. the sky remote! I can easily get that, chew on It, turn the volume down and change the channel before Dad notices. Damn he's noticed. What's loose women doing on? Doc Mcstuffins was on a second ago. It's OK he's changed It back, I reckon he likes Doc Mcstuffins more than I do. He's always singing when it comes on. It look's like I'm going in my walker, brilliant.

"Alice! No!"

What? I've barely moved 3 steps In my walker, I swear he knows my fiendish plan to destroy the living room by chucking all the stuff out of the drawers. Should of got some locks for the drawers then shouldn't you Daddykins?!

Oi! Where you going? I'll scream if you don't come back, I want attention now! Come on legs take me to the kitchen. Stupid floor at 2 levels, I can't get my walker In. When Is he going to get that sorted? I know he's In there because I can hear him babbling something, but he's not paying the correct amount of attention to me so I'll stick to my promise thank you very much

Now he's looking. Quick, big smile and cute eyes. Yes! he's smiling, he's not mad. Phew! Whoa I even got a kiss on the head for being cute. That's going in the memory bank to use every single time he goes in the kitchen. Ever.

I'm off back to them drawers, he must be sick of telling me no by now. I reckon 18th time's a charm.

"Alice Olivia!"

Damn, double named. No flies on this guy!

Yes! Yes! he's giving the chair a wipe, it must mean dinners coming!

Until next time peeps

Alice   x          

This was just a small exert from Alice's morning. The Mrs has gone out for the day so I'm spending some time with Alice my 8-month-old daughter. Joseph isn't at school today as his teacher is striking! I won't get started on that but if anyone is keeping track of the things that annoy me, then add that to the list. Kid's are great at this age as they can't talk yet so can't answer back. I've not spent to much time on my own looking after Alice as when I'm off work me and the Mrs usually will do something together with Alice while Joseph is at school or as a family at the weekend (If I get the time off). It doesn't phase me looking after a baby on my own, my son is four so I have done it before just not much. One thing I think all men have concern for when they are looking after a child isn't what to do if you drop them on their heads, that's easy, shut the door and run. It's what to do when their awake and you need to poop?! Not sure how comfortable I am about having my daughter in the same room as me when this is happening, It's a small room with not much ventilation! Need to take a course on strategic thinking I reckon. 

Alice Is asleep at the minute, so I thought I'd write this post. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. 

Look out for more "Alice's Adventures!" in the future

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  1. Go Alice! How are you dealing with things now that Alice should be about 19 months old? You still finding it ok? 😂😂😂

  2. Haha that's really good. 4 eyes.

  3. Haha this is so funny. I imagine something similar going through my baby's mind! #oldschoolposts

  4. Ah, the good old days, when they had to work hard to destroy stuff!

  5. Shes just too bloody cute!!!! #oldschoolposts

  6. Aah so cute! I love posts like this, and I bet that's probably exactly everything she was thinking! Haha! I remember that cute stage well with my two. I'd love to go back for a day to that time again. Just for the one day mind you! Ha! Great post. #OldSchoolPosts

  7. This sounds like most days of my life! Hillarious!

  8. Love it haha, amazing really, I'm sure kids have telepathy and talk to one another on the best ways to annoy the crap out of us parents, because this sounds 100% like how William was!! (Still is..)lol. #oldschoolposts

  9. Haha, loved reading this! If only we can really get in their minds and know what they were thinking! Thanks for the laugh! #oldschoolposts

  10. lol I'd love to mind read my 5 month old #oldschoolposts


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