July 29, 2016

Why you should experience Disney World

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Should everyone experience Disney World?         


That's the simplest answer. Everyone should be able to experience Disney World at least once. I've been lucky enough to go three times so far. It is an amazing holiday and not as expensive as you would think. I was in Florida for my 21st Birthday which was 8 years ago now. That was the first time I went. Kerry and I had been together just over 2 years and she said she really wanted to go again (having been herself 3 times already). I've never been a Disney fanatic, I liked the Aladdin film as a child and love the Cars and Toy Story films even now (who doesn't but it had never crossed my mind to go to Florida. If Kerry and I never got togetherI'dd probably never have been still. She told me it's not what you think, it's not just for kids and that Florida is an amazing place. The decision had been made, not by me because I'm a bloke and we don't get a say but it had been made nonetheless. So that was it, we were going. All 7 of us.
July 24, 2016

Awful Service Displayed Again

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In this day and age with money tight cheaper shops are performing well leaving bigger chains to struggle and think of ways to pull sales back. One simple way to do this would be to focus on service and ensure they deliver great customer service every time to every customer. It should be top of their "things we must get right" list, sadly in big companies it isn't and that is not good enough. Customers will already want to choose the cheaper stores, so why come to you if your service is poor? In my opinion Asda is one of these companies that delivers poor customer service on a regular basis and in a minute I will explain what has happened to me to make me want to talk about this. The service is so poor I came up with this awesome acronym: Awful Service Displayed Again.

July 20, 2016

Come dine with me -After dinner toilet talk, stand or lean?

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It's Sunday afternoon, the sun is blaring (which means the three hours and twenty five minutes of uninterrupted sunshine was our summer, sorry if you missed it). Were filling the pool up for Joseph and his cousin Charlie to play in. Our friends are coming over for dinner, what I really mean if you're from Yorkshire is tea but I'm trying to sound a bit posh.

July 13, 2016

Gotham News - An interview with Batman!

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This is Gotham news on channel 13 and i have a very special guest today. None other than Gothams own, Batman!

July 08, 2016

Alice's Adventures! - A trip to Caffe Gelato

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Hey Peeps!

It's me Alice, you may remember me from such posts as Alice's Adventures! - A babies point of view. I've just woke up and I guess it's quite early because mummy and daddy have just groaned about me saying hiya, so I think I'll climb on mummy's head and poke daddy in the eye.
July 07, 2016

Pregnancy - What I imagine it's not like

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You have to cook a baby for 9 months. I imagine it's not like cooking a roast.

Thank you!

You often feel bloated. I imagine it's not like being bloated from too much KFC.

Thank you!

You have lots of sickness which isn't very nice. I imagine it's not like the sickness after a bitchin night out.

Thank you!

July 05, 2016

Joseph's Jokes

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150,000 views, are you having a laugh? For opening kinder eggs?! I know I'm getting old now that I'm saying things like this. Where's my slippers?

July 05, 2016

Alice's Adventures! - A babies point of view

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Oh my god what was that?! Ah I'm awake now it doesnt matter. Right, what to do first? The big guys Ironing so I think I'll test his reflexes by rolling straight off the couch, that'll check If he's awake or not.

Dont worry he saved me with plenty of time. I guess he was watching, four eyes really are better than two! Now he's sat down next to me, I think I'll pretend I want a cuddle. Yes! he's picking me up and he's going for a cuddle. Now It's time to bounce up and down and try and climb up the back of the couch.

July 02, 2016

One Dad from Hull tries blogging

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(90's gameshow voice) "What's your name and where do you come from?"

Hi I'm One Hull of Dad and I'm from, well, Hull. That's in England if you're reading this in another country. If you're American, no it's not near London and no I don't know the queen (every time I've been to the US I've been asked that).

I've been interested in creating a blog for some time but never knew what I'd write about and I still don't. I think it will be a mixture of online diary, places/product reviews and generally and more likely me moaning about stuff that gets on my nerves, strap in because you could be here a while if I talk about that last one.